Business introduction

Shenzhen miteqi technology co., LTD., established on August 26, 2016, with registered capital of 1 million RMB, is located in room 8B, chaoqun building, no.10, jingnan road, buji street, longgang district, shenzhen city. The company through the third party e-commerce transaction platform more buy as an opportunity, by electronic means, take the network as platform, set up mainly publicity, consultation, information, electronic trading, online communication, information collection, information release, data analysis is complementary, to the third party logistics as the main line, to build integrated services with the local industry chain resources comprehensive e-commerce platform, combined with the traditional departments, resource sharing, complementary advantages, to build a solid, reliable mining pin relationship, so as to achieve optimal allocation of market resources, sales channels flat target. Our business processes and risk prevention measures are as follows:

1. The buyer signs up on our website, selects products and completes the payment;

2. After receiving the payment instruction, the customer service will arrange the warehouse delivery;

3. Customer service team 7*24 understands customer needs, follows up order logistics trends, answers customers' questions and solves after-sales problems;

4. We select the manufacturers, strictly control the quality of goods, keep up with the fashion trend and constantly update the products;

5. We cooperate with overseas mature logistics companies to ensure the products are delivered to buyers as soon as possible, thus minimizing the complaint and refusal rate of customers;

6. For the style of shoes, we carefully screen, and design plagiarism is strictly prohibited to prevent brand infringement;

7. We follow relevant regulations of the receiving bank, timely declare abnormal orders and resolutely stop money laundering.